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Our panels offer the best balance of high-performance, cost, and environmental responsibility in the radiant floor panel heating market. Our premium product is favored by discriminating custom home builders, radiant heat contractors & installers, general contractors, architects, homeowners, and more.

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What Is RadiantBoard?

RadiantBoard is a radiant floor heating aluminum laminated panel heat transfer system designed to be used over a sub-floor or when properly installed, over cement. It creates the pathway into which 1/2″ radiant PEX tubing is placed.

When warm water is circulated through the PEX tubing, the heat is transferred to the efficient, fast responding RadiantBoard, the flooring materials and then radiated to the heated space providing luxurious silent, even heat. It can be used under almost any floor covering.

RadiantBoard is the best balance of high-performance, cost and environmental responsibility in the radiant floor heating market.

More contact. Better heat transfer. Excellent efficiency.

Observe the greater contact between tubing and aluminum than other products

Ecowarm RadiantBoard has a patented overbite groove design that gives a larger and tighter surface connection of the tubing to the aluminum resulting in better performance. Good design has a tight, complete connection between the aluminum and the tubing carrying warm water.

Ecowarm Radiant Floor Heating Overbite Design

With our patented overbite design, tough PEX tubing is snapped or whacked into the groove with a small mallet. When warm water flows through the tubing it expands into the space, making a very tight heat transfer connection. The result is excellent performance.

Henry Nichols

Henry N. | Engineering

As a major mechanical contractor I have tried almost everything out there, and without a doubt over-subfloor RadiantBoard is the way to go. The hands-on support is the best in the industry. The staff are friendly, professional, highly knowledgeable, and go above and beyond to meet our needs. We’ve completed multiple projects with the RadiantBoard team, and their commitment to building long-term relationships is evident in the consistent quality, passion, and dedication to the success of our projects from beginning to end.

If you’re a general or mechanical contractor looking for a high performing radiant product with world-class support, we strongly recommend Ecowarm RadiantBoard.

WBI Radiant Panel Manufacturer and mechanical engineering firm Monterey Energy Group discuss modern radiant floor heating in this podcast episode by Active House USA.

Two Radiant Experts Discuss Sustainable Radiant Heating

With passion and expertise, our guests discuss how hydronic radiant floor systems can influence a project’s score on the Active House Radar, providing valuable insights into the benefits of this innovative technology.

Whether you’re an architect, builder, or simply interested in cutting-edge sustainable solutions, this episode is a must-listen.

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Watch a fast, fun tour of Radiantboard installation with Anthony of The Build.tv

Anthony Carrino, nine-season HGTV favorite and host of The Build Up, walks through the installation of Ecowarm radiant heating boards in his latest project.

Anthony Carrino Ecowarm Radiant Heating
Anthony Carrino

The product you guys make is incredible. I absolutely loved the install process. What you provide is literally a “paint by number”. This is a level of efficiency that is unparalled. Not having hot and cold spots when you’re stepping on and off the tubes underneath the floor, having the conductivity spread out across the aluminum, small boards that are easy to carry on a construction site, the ability to cut the boards with a table saw, and having everything pre-drilled — it’s just incredible. Everything ran without a hitch.

If you’re in the market for radiant heat, I highly recommend looking into Ecowarm RadiantBoard. Maybe the best part is that they are super nice to work with!

 – Anthony Carrino | Build.TV

See how Ecowarm installs over these common floor types. 

Flooring Goods Friendly

We provide detailed instructions & graphics for installation over most floor coverings. Ecowarm works with most flooring goods including:

  • carpet
  • tile
  • stone
  • hardwood
  • laminate
  • vinyl
  • + more!

Radiantboard Product Comparisons

An efficient heating system provides a long term lower operating costs, a fast-responding system for better temperature control and comfort, plus a system that is both easy to install and cost-effective. Interested to see how Ecowarm compares to the competition? We are confident you will select Ecowarm RadiantBoard for most applications.

Vaughn P. Ecowarm Customer

I have installed many Ecowarm RadiantBoard projects over the years. They are easier to install than other boards; much less breakage, easier and safer to handle, and easier on saw blades.

 – Vaughn Peiffer | Lockwood Mechanical

How to Buy & Other FAQ’s

Here are some questions that often arise. Feel free to call us any time with any questions!

Begin the process by requesting a free project quote. One of our team members will reach out with your estimate!

Yes, but there are conditions where high resistance carpet and pad is installed in a great room with a lot of glass in a very cold climate. Under those rare conditions, the designer will recommend supplemental heat of some sort.

Ecowarm RadiantBoard is typically installed just prior to the installation of finished flooring goods. Store Ecowarm RadiantBoard on the job site in a dry, cool space until it is ready to be installed, in the natural progression of construction.

Yes. Other higher mass concrete type systems have a lot of mass, which may sound good but they have some resistance and more response time issues. Underfloor systems have both high heat transfer resistance and heat loss opportunities resulting in higher operating costs. You want a system close to the flooring goods with high heat transfer characteristics.

Yes, Ecowarm RadiantBoard heats evenly due to the high heat transfer of its aluminum laminate. In a modern home with proper radiant controls, there is no reason to experience a significant temperature difference between radiant tubes.

Aluminum laminate is factory installed in the grooves of the Ecowarm RadiantBoard straight panel, but the super combo panels including curves are made differently as follows:

The super combo boards with curves are first grooved for the tubing using a computerized router. The boards are laminated with the covering layer of aluminum then the grooves are indented and perforated down the middle of the grooves. Combo boards have many perforated grooves to choose from. During installation, the tubing is walked into the chosen grooves splitting the aluminum which then compresses to the side of the tubing.

This results in lower conductivity for ¼ the circumference of the tubing covering in the combo boards (about 35% of the floor surface) It also leaves the conductivity of the aluminum covering unchosen grooves intact. Testing has shown no significant impact on heating efficiency or comfort.

This also significantly lowers manufacturing costs of manufacturing Ecowarm RadiantBoard. The result: the best value in the market.

If your plan has lots of open space and few tight locations, that makes it faster (fewer cuts and fussing). If your installer has some experience, that really helps. So, planning on 250-500 sq ft per day is reasonable with two people.

“Thanks so much for assisting on this. It’s a breath of fresh air to know there’s still good companies out there that have good customer support and service. Much appreciated.”
– Hoogenboom Restoration and Remodel

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Ecowarm RadiantBoard incorporates the best balance of high performance, material quality, environmental responsibility, and cost. In short, Ecowarm RadiantBoard represents the best value in radiant board heating systems.