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What Is Ecowarm RadiantBoard?

Ecowarm RadiantBoard is a radiant floor heating aluminum laminated panel heat transfer system designed to be used over a sub-floor or when properly installed, over cement. It creates the pathway into which 1/2″ radiant PEX tubing is placed. When warm water is circulated through the PEX tubing, the heat is transferred to the efficient, fast responding Ecowarm RadiantBoard, the flooring materials and then radiated to the heated space providing luxurious silent, even heat. It can be used under almost any floor covering.

Ecowarm RadiantBoard is the best balance of high-performance, cost and environmental responsibility in the radiant floor heating market.

Cost Effective

Purchasing factory direct can provide 35% savings over leading high performance brands.

Earth Friendly

Ecowarm RadiantBoard is manufactured with top quality FSC® certified sustainably harvested plywood, aluminum with high recycled content and low VOC water based glue.


The low mass Ecowarm RadiantBoard radiant system responds much more rapidly to changing conditions than most radiant heating delivery systems. Get heat when you want it.


Our low mass and aluminum laminate enhance system performance allowing lower supply water temperatures resulting in high system efficiencies.

Quality Materials

Ecowarm RadiantBoard Plus uses high grade 7 ply FSC® Certified plywood while others use OSB or low grade plywood.

Easy To Buy & Install

A building contractor or radiant heating installer can install about 500 Sq/Ft per day of Ecowarm RadiantBoard. Ecowarm RadiantBoard is sold factory direct to your job site.

Case Studies

Would you like to see how others are using Ecowarm RadiantBoard?  Click the link below to see our Case Studies page.  Our Case studies highlight commercial and residential jobs of all types and sizes.  Showing you how easy and versatile Ecowarm RadiantBoard is.  You might even get some ideas for your next project.

Ecowarm ContractorI have installed many Ecowarm RadiantBoard projects and one Warmboard R project over the years. I have found Ecowarm RadiantBoard easier to install than Warmboard R boards; much less breakage, easier and safer to handle, and easier on saw blades. — Vaughn Peiffer, California

FSC® Certified

We are committed to Ecowarm RadiantBoard being the greenest and most sustainable radiant board product in the United States. Ecowarm RadiantBoard is currently the only radiant board product in the market that can be described as truly green.

  • We are currently the only FSC® Certified radiant board manufacturer. This means we are an environmental chain of custody audited manufacturer that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for using sustainable wood as our substrata for the product
  • We use low VOC water based adhesives in the manufacturing of our product.
  • We use U.S. made aluminum with recycled content.

The Best Choice Is The Best Value

Ecowarm RadiantBoard incorporates the best balance of high performance, material quality, environmental responsibility and cost. In short, Ecowarm RadiantBoard represents the best value in radiant board heating systems.

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