Terms Of Sale


I acknowledge that with a design layout plan, due diligence and with adherence to the Ecowarm Installation Manual, many individuals and types of labor may successfully install the Ecowarm board.  However integrating the overall heating requirements. design and components of a hydronic radiant heating system requires specialized knowledge. Therefore,you should be either a knowledgeable, qualified  installer trained in the installation, codes, safety, heat transfer, piping and other relevant issues relating to installing hydrononic systems, or, if not, at the very least, you should use a qualified installer responsible for integrating the system who is trained in the installation, design, codes, safety, heat transfer, piping, electrical and other relevant issues relating to the permitting, installing and start up of the the system.



Many of the products sold by Ecowarm.us are special-order products manufactured, assembled and packaged specifically for you with the component configuration of your requested order. Payment in full will be charged to your credit card upon purchase to initiate production along with estimated freight. If the actual freight cost is more than you have paid the remainder will be billed to your card after shipment.see note at bottom that applies to large orders particularly of radiant board products.

Your order may be cancelled with a 95% refund, before the supplying factory has begun building your product. Such refund will be issued to your credit card within 10 working days. If your order is cancelled after production has started but prior to shipment, your order may be cancelled subject to a 35% cancellation fee. The cancellation fee may be waived by the factory, but they are not required to. In either event the balance of your payment minus the above described applicable deductions will be refunded within 10 working days.

Any order that is to be returned to the factory requires factory approval and an RGA,(Return Goods Authorization) and must be within 10 working days of receipt provided it has not been installed, is in original condition and is returned in the original packaging. A RGA# (return goods authorization number) is required from the factory for any such return. Return instructions will specify where and how to ship the product and the RGA# and documentation must accompany each box of any such shipment. You are required to pay shipping/freight charges on all return goods.

Returned goods are subject to the above 35% restocking fee. The balance of your purchase price, less shipping charges, will be refunded within 10 working days of the factory receiving the goods provided that they are in resalable condition, have not been installed, abused, altered or damaged. If the factory rejects the returned goods for the above reasons, they will be returned to you and no refund will be issued. Warranty returns must also be agreed to in advance by the factory and have an RGA.

Most products ship within 10-15 working days of receipt of order. If the production time will be longer than 15 working days, you will be notified and given a chance to cancel the order at a full refund. Shipping is billed to your credit card upon shipment. The actual amount incurred by the factory is billed to you. All shipments are sent the least costly way, LTL by truck or UPS ground, unless special arrangements are made. In general, orders send to Oregon, Washington, Utah, California and Idaho usually cost approximately 8% of the value of the shipment. Orders sent to the Eastern United States may be as high as 10% of the shipment value while orders sent to the Middle United States will be between 8% and 10% of the shipment value. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii are by special arrangement. Percentages are estimated and do not include special delivery charges for jobsites, liftgate trucks call backs, etc


Ecowarm.us values your privacy. We do not share your confidential information with anyone other than as required by the credit processors to complete your transaction, or if compelled by law. We do however provide the manufacturing factory with your name, company, address, phone, fax and e-mail for shipping purposes. We keep information regarding transactions as long as required by law.

We take the security of your transaction with us seriously and have contracted with Chase Merchant Services Paymentech (the world’s largest Internet processor) to process credit card transactions using Authorizenet. The shopping cart is a HackerSafe monitored site.


Ecowarm is sold over a website  and under some conditions no tax is charged but the recent U.S Supreme Court decision on internet taxation means all of us are are presented with a a very complex array of laws from different states regarding internet sales sales and use taxes. We are now in the process of complying with these as we become aware of our tax nexus in any state. Therefor we reserve the right to charge tax at the time of salle. You the customer acknowledge that you take ownership of the product when it is loaded on the truck in Oregon. On products shipped from our factory to you in another state you the customer acknowledge that you are responsible for paying any sales tax, use tax  or fees that may be due due in your locality, state or other legal jurisdiction whether we charged you these taxes or fees.for them or not.Be advised however, that congress may not extend or may modify the current rules about internet sales tax.  If it is ultimately determined that a sales, use or other tax is due in your locality, state or other legal jurisdiction, the customer acknowledges they are responsible to pay it and specifically agrees as a specific condition of sale, to pay it. Some States for an example are optionally requiring a list of customers who have bought from a website. It is reasonable to assume over as states assert their taxation rights, one way or another most sales over the internet will be taxable.


Ecowarm is intended for indoor use as a non structural modular radiant board system and is intended to be stored,installed and used according to the most current Ecowarm Installation Manual by qualified installers familiar with hydronic good practice and installed in compliance with all relevant codes. All of the above policies and practices are specifically incorporated as conditions of sale. By purchasing on this website, the customer specifically acknowledges and accepts these conditions of sale.


Ecowarm warrants that its non-structural modular board products are free from defects in material and workmanship in the manufacturing process when shipped from the factory. For a period of 1 year after shipment from the factory, any boards that are defective when they left the factory will be replaced by a like number of boards as the exclusive remedy. To qualify for warranty, goods must be inspected upon receipt by customer for defects and stored and installed according to the most current Ecowarm Installation Manual, and used in conformity with the written specifications in the Manual. Assertions of defect must presented to Ecowarm in the form of return of goods or other documentation acceptable to Ecowarm. If Ecowarm agrees that the defect is covered by the Ecowarm warranty then Ecowarm shall at its expense ship replacement boards as the sole remedy. Ecowarm specifically disclaims any incidental, consequential or other claims of damage beyond the replacement of defective product. In no event shall damages exceed the cost of the goods provided. Any product that has been removed and reinstalled is excluded from warranty coverage. Ecowarm is a construction board product and many aspects of its storage, transport and installation are beyond the control of Ecowarm.

Important note on freight and Conditions of Sale Regarding Freight

Since the freight costs with each order are different Ecowarm generates a custom freight quote. Usually these freight quotes will be what you are charged unless the rate or fule tax surcharge has significantly changed. . Board shipments are sent out by UPS Freight or LTL by a trucking company. The cheapest way to ship these boards is to ship them to a commercial location, with regular business hours that has a fork lift and personel available to unload them. The most typical extra charge is the delivery to a construction site and requirements for a lift truck when a fork lift is not available.
Below is a list of special services that affect freight charges:
1. Inside Pick – up or Delivery (means no elevator access)
2. Liftgate:
3. Limited Access Delivery ( means Construction Sites, Churches, Schools etc.)
4. Notification Prior to Delivery (includes Phone Calls to Notify)
5. Redelivery
6. Residential Delivery
7. Reweigh
8. Saturday, Sunday or Holidays, non Business Hours

The Website will take Payment By Visa or Mastercard or by e-check.

Pricing of Quotations/Invoices good for 60 days from date issued