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Ecowarm Radiantboard Compared To Rehau

Ecowarm RadiantBoard Compared to Aluminum Grooved Panels

The application of highly conductive aluminum to the surface of a radiant panel provides the best response and efficiency in the industry. We achieve our excellent performance at a reasonable cost by incorporating our patented overbite groove design which gives a higher heat transfer surface. We believe that we offer the best combination of performance, price and service in the industry.

Patented Overbite Design

With our patented overbite design, tough PEX tubing is locked into the groove. When warm water flows through the tubing it expands into the space, making a very tight heat transfer connection. The result is excellent performance.

Faster & Easier Installation

Our panels are lightweight, low-profile, and easy to maneuver. Panels can be easily cut with skill saws without breaking blades or damaging boards – no grinder necessary. PEX tubing is easily walked into the undercut grooved channel.

Efficient & Fast Response

Our highly efficient system outputs heat quickly with lower supply water temperature than similar products. This results in excellent performance and fast response times. Lower water temperature equals lower utility bills.

Ecowarm Radiantboard Compared To Heatply Plywood Panels

Ecowarm RadiantBoard Compared to Plywood Grooved Panels

There are a few manufactures of grooved plywood and MDF panel systems for use over subfloor that do not use conductive aluminum on the panel surface. While these systems are slightly less costly up front, the underwhelming performance and higher operating costs provide poor return on investment.

Plywood radiant systems without aluminum produce lower or inadequate heat output, much slower response time, and significantly higher operating water temperatures – resulting higher operating costs and uneven surface temperatures. Aluminum is 1500 times more conductive than wood making it a critical component to an effective radiant heating system.

No Striping Issues

Bare plywood systems suffer from significant “striping” issues in which heat is unevenly distributed across the floor. Our aluminum laminate provides 1500 times more conductivity than bare plywood resulting in luxurious, even heat.

Lower Operating Costs

Bare plywood systems require higher water temperatures to meet the heat load of a room. Higher water temperatures directly equate to significantly higher fuel costs. Our system operates at a much lower supply water temperature which lowers your utility bills and lifetime cost.

Highest Quality Substrate

Traditional bare plywood systems are made with the lowest grade MDF or cheap OSB. Our panels are made from the highest grade 6–7 ply wood ensuring the best quality at a competitive price.

Vaughn P. Ecowarm Customer

I have installed many Ecowarm RadiantBoard projects over the years. They are easier to install than other boards; much less breakage, easier and safer to handle, and easier on saw blades.

 – Vaughn Peiffer | Lockwood Mechanical

Ecowarm Radiantboard Compared To Gypcrete Concrete

Ecowarm RadiantBoard Compared to Gypsum Cement

35 years ago a company called Gypcrete (now Maxxon) came up with the idea of stapling PEX tubing to raised floor subfloors and pouring gypsum cement about 1 ½” over the floor thereby dramatically expanding the market for radiant heating for the upper raised floors. It changed the industry. As time has gone by, there are now lighter, lower profile, more easily installed, faster responding and more efficient solutions available.

Flooring Compatibility

A Gypsum pour surface cannot cost-effectively accommodate nailed hardwood. Ecowarm RadiantBoard easily accommodates all types of flooring goods including engineered hardwood, LVP, soft woods, and many more.

No Double Plating

Due to its heavy weight, an extra plate must be installed to accommodate the additional 1.5” thickness of gypsum concrete. This results in an overall increase in your project budget & possible height issues. In contrast, our panels are light-weight and low profile and do not require extra plating.

Lower Freight Costs

Gypsum applicators use the same big trucks required for large commercial jobs, resulting in higher costs for small to medium projects. Our team ships your panels factory direct to your jobsite and lighter weight means lower freight costs.

Anthony Carrino

The product you guys make is incredible. I absolutely loved the install process. What you provide is literally a “paint by number”. This is a level of efficiency that is unparalled. Not having hot and cold spots when you’re stepping on and off the tubes underneath the floor, having the conductivity spread out across the aluminum, small boards that are easy to carry on a construction site, the ability to cut the boards with a table saw, and having everything pre-drilled — it’s just incredible. Everything ran without a hitch.

If you’re in the market for radiant heat, I highly recommend looking into Ecowarm RadiantBoard. Maybe the best part is that they are super nice to work with!

 – Anthony Carrino | Build.TV

John Mann

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