TheBuild.TV Chooses Ecowarm RadiantBoard for Firehouse Rehab

From Firehouse to Urban Oasis

Nine-season HGTV favorite and host of The Build Up, Anthony Carrino has become famous for ambitious and tightly budgeted construction projects. His latest project for TheBuild.TV is no less demanding, conversion of Hook & Ladder Co. #3 firehouse into a stunning urban residence.

Turn of the Century Challenges Solved with Radiant Flooring

High ceilings, brick walls, early twentieth-century industrial construction, and multiple zones usually present significant remodeling challenges when it comes to comfort and budget. Anthony’s search for a solution ultimately resulted in the selection of Ecowarm RadiantBoard flooring for its day-to-day comfort, heating efficiency, zone control, and cost performance.

Factory Direct and “Paint-by-Number” Ease of Installation

From estimate to delivery, Anthony worked directly with Ecowarm staff. The firehouse site plans where used to develop a project estimate and panel-by-panel RadiantBoard floor plan (view floor plan). Ecowarm panels shipped factory direct to the job-site, complete with a room-by-room floor plan making for paint-by-number ease with an average per room installation of under an hour. Installation of all of the firehouse’s RadiantBoard flooring and PEX tubing required just a single day.

Visit TheBuildTV to view the complete project.

Great for Residential & Commercial Structures

  • Versatile Two-panel system & panel-by-panel floor plans make for fast, intuitive installation
  • Sold online and shipped factory direct to your job-site
  • Single-person panel size makes for easy transport and placement in tight and multi-story locations
  • Undercut Plex channels – walk-in, retainer plate free installation
  • Lightweight, (2lbs/sq./ft.)
  • Lower cost of installation: fewer person-hours, retainer-plate free, easy on blades and equipment
  • No Pre-drilling needed – speed fastener & nail gun-friendly
  • Low profile (3/4″) for tough applications
  • Easier LEED certification: US plywood, aluminum with recycled content, and water-based No-VOC adhesives.
  • Shipped factory direct to your job-site at a lower cost

Interested in learning more?

Get to know the owners of Ecowarm Radiantboard, with 70 years combined experience in radiant heating, as they go deep with Anthony Carrino about his own home project. Check out the full episode here!

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