Ecowarm RadiantBoard EPS Over Concrete

We suggest the use of integrated insulated radiant panels on top of a new or existing slab for best R – value, and excellent response for both heating up, and cooling down the system making it several times faster, and increasing comfort and efficiency. Directly attaching standard plywood or OSB to concrete introduces complications regarding moisture and cold unless insulation, at a cost, is provided separately. EPS insulation is moisture and mold resistant.

Ecowarm Radiantboard Eps Over Concrete

The old way of putting radiant tubing in a slab was popularized in the era of cheap energy. As energy prices increased, recommendations for insulation under the slab and slab edges because mandatory, increasing the cost and complications of a slab installation while not increasing response effectively. The era of low mass, fast response system is here, particularly with the technical demands of the new hydronic heat pumps that are displacing less efficient gas fired equipment in many areas.

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Ecowarm RadiantBoard incorporates the best balance of high performance, material quality, environmental responsibility, and cost. In short, Ecowarm RadiantBoard represents the best value in radiant board heating systems.