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We founded WBI in 2000 with the granting of our patent for radiant panel systems. Since then we have introduced a variety of radiant heating panel systems. We have united these products under our original brand to offer you the best options for your radiant needs.

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Our Products

Ecowarm Radiantboard Wbi Master Logo 2023

Premium Plywood Radiant Panels

Over Subfloor Radiant Panels

Ecowarm RadiantBoard is our most widely-sold panel due to its high quality and performance. The panels are constructed using top-grade premium plywood substrate favored by many custom home builders with thicker aluminum laminate and radiant tubing spaced 12” apart.

Ecowarm Radiantboard Product Photo

Ecowarm RadiantBoard: Over Subfloor Radiant

Thermalboard WBI Master Logo 2023

Lightweight & Sustainable Panels

Over Subfloor Radiant Panels

Thermalboard is a lower profile product that utilizes a sustainable substrate favored in the green building community with a thinner aluminum laminate and radiant tubing spaced 8” apart.

Thermalboard Product Photo

Thermalboard: Over Subfloor Radiant

What Are the Differences?

The Radiant Industry Leader

WBI offers a variety of radiant solutions favored by architects, custom home builders, radiant contractors, and more.

Ecowarm® RadiantBoard™
ApplicationOver SubfloorOver Subfloor
SubstratePremium 7-Ply Plywood SubstrateSustainable MDF LEED® v4 Credit Support
PEX Size1/2″3/8″
PEX Spacing11.75″ OC8″ OC
Board Size23.5″ x 47″16″ x 48″
CostCompetitiveLow Cost

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