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Martha’s Vineyard Mechanical Contractor Incorporates Radiant Heating in His Own Net Zero Strategy

Article featured on Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer Magazine May Edition

Mechanical Engineer Incorporates Radiant Floor Heating In Net Zero Energy Strategy

Matt Millard, owner of Performance Mechanical Inc at his home in Edgartown, Massachusetts

Matt Millard, owner of Performance Mechanical in Edgartown, Massachusetts, loves to experiment with new technologies. His career has spanned commercial piping and mechanical and residential heating systems. He currently installs plenty of efficient air-to-air heat pumps but recently wanted to step up to hydronic radiant heating for his own home addition using an air-to-water heat pump.

Millard added a 1,500-square-foot multi-purpose room and extra bedroom with a bathroom over his attached garage workshop. This is part of his successful grand strategy to make his house Net Zero Energy.
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Case Study: Contractor’s Experience Installing Ecowarm into Custom Built Home

A contractor had a great experience installing Ecowarm into his custom-built home. “Customer service is great, design and delivery can be accomplished in a short amount of time, and I recommend their product and system.”

Ecowarm Odd Fellows Historical Building Renovation Radiant Floor Heating

Case Study: Renovation of Brooklin Historical Building with Ecowarm Radiant Floor Heating

This project involved the renovation of a historical building into a wood boat building facility with apartments above and Ecowarm RadiantBoards throughout.

Case Study: Residential Retrofit in Luxurious Spanish Style Home

This project involved retro fitting a gorgeous Spanish style house with Ecowarm Radiant Floor Heating throughout the home.

Case Study: Ecowarm RadiantBoard in Historic Victorian Home

Ecowarm Radiant Floor Heating was installed throughout this historic 1800’s Victorian home featuring 11ft ceilings, custom ceramic tile, and the original hardwood doors.

Case Study: Residential Property with Multiple Types of Flooring Goods

This project involved a multi-floor installation with three types of flooring goods. The contractor highly recommends Ecowarm over Warmboard R because of our high quality, cost-effective product and simple installation process.

Case Study: Ecowarm Installation in Gorgeous Santa Cruz Home

The contractors working on this beautiful Santa Cruz home loved how fast and easy it was to install Ecowarm Radiant Floor Heating.

Case Study: Commercial Installation of Ecowarm Radiant Floor Heating

For this project contractors installed Ecowarm Radiant Floor Heating into a 2,500 sq ft commercial building in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Case Study: Custom Remodel with Ecowarm Radiant Heating

For this project Ecowarm Radiant Floor Heating was installed throughout a large family room featuring cathedral ceilings.