Contractors Experience Installing Ecowarm Radiant Floor Heating into Custom Built Home

Case Study: Contractor’s Experience Installing Ecowarm into Custom Built Home

System Type: Residential

Project Name: Firefly Lane

Location: Hartford, WI

Size: 3000 sq ft

Installer/Homeowner: David B. – also a licensed plumber

Installation: “I started installing my Ecowarm today and all is well with the product. Installs great and once I gave up trying to prove I could design it better than the engineer my installation speed improved. I use the engineered drawing as it is the best way to install. “.

Project Background: “I am a licensed plumber building my own custom home and have always desired an in-floor heated home. My research led me to this product and I was most attracted to it for its quick response time as this can simplify your system by eliminating the need for any auxiliary heat for shoulder months and offer precise temperature control. Price wise it is a little more than gypcrete but far less than other products. “

Customer Service & Product Recommendation: “Customer service is great, design and delivery can be accomplished in a short amount of time and I recommend their product and system.”